Agave: A Rare Discovery in Kodaikanal

How mystical would it be if plants could end their existence by leaving their seeds behind for future harvest?

That’s exactly what the rockstar of this post is capable of.

Sharp, succulent and spiky, the Agave plant is a rare, rare breed. Unlike common plants in our vicinity, Agave takes about 10 to 25 years to bloom into its lush, mesmerizing avatar.

Want another shocking trivia?

They die as soon as flowering is done and it has bloomed. They are also known as “century plant” because that’s how long they take to bloom.

Agave in full bloom at Sterling Kodai – Valley

But once they do, it’s an event worth celebrating. But sadly, it also means that the century-old plant is about to die. As the plant reaches its end of life, the colossal blossom bends over, hits the ground and disperses its seeds.

What to feast your eyes with this rare sight? You don’t even have to take a trip to foreign locales of Mexico and UK to witness this rare sight.

Flower garden, Sterling Kodai – Lake

You can find Agave’s rare natural beauty at Sterling Kodai Lake that houses few more Agave plants that are yet to bloom!

Sterling Kodai Lake

Sterling Kodai – Lake Resort

Nestled in the misty valleys of Kodaikanal, Sterling Kodai lake holds a special place in the history of Sterling as this was the first resort to welcome our guests in 1987. The resort is situated in close proximity to the picturesque Kodai lake and styled on the lined of the English Countryside to compliment the English styled villages that dot Kodaikanal.

Things to do –

Take a leisurely stroll at the Coaker’s Walk

View from Coaker’s Walk

Indulge yourself in the enchanting views of mountains and valleys of Kodaikanal at the Coaker’s Walk. It is situation on a vertical slope of the mountains and offers an escape into its quaint environment.

You can hire bicycles to ride around this charming landscape or go horse riding at the Kodai lake nearby. You can also go shopping at the Kurunji Mini SuperMarket to hoard on stunning momentos to take back home.

Take in the eye-blinding sight of luscious strawberry farms

Image Source: team-bhp

While at the Sterling Kodai Lake, you can visit strawberry plantations that are spread across acres and acres of land. In between huge rolling mountains, you’ll find tiny roads to walk on which makes a breathtaking sight to witness. You’ll get a chance to taste the strawberries and even buy freshly-made strawberry jams and jellies.

Add a touch of thrilling adventure

On a walking distance to the Sterling Kodai Lake, you can experience the X-Treme Zone, which is home to quite a few adventure sports like land and body zorbing, ATV, bungee trampoline, archery and paintball.

Experience bonfire beneath the stars

Sterling Kodai Lake organizes ‘Under The Star’ experience at X-Treme Zone where you can sit right in the middle of a dense forest, play some good music, light up the bonfire and relish piping hot barbecue dishes.

Other Attractions – Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal Observatory, Silver Cascade, etc

Ideal for – Destination weddings, Romantic getaways, Family vacations.

How to reach – Nearest airport is Madurai (125km) and the nearest railway station is Kodai Road (80km).

Best time to Visit – Mid-April to mid-June, mid-December to January.

Amenities – 24-hour room service, laundry, cyber cafe, Wi-Fi connectivity, florist, doctor on call, travel desk, car rentals, beauty parlour, fitness centre, spa, indoor and outdoor games, local guided tours and treks.

Cuisine – Indian, Chinese, Continental and Jain meals at Valley View, the multi-cuisine restaurant.

Now you have an exciting number of reasons to book your next trip to Sterling Kodai Lake. Experience blooming of the rare Agave plant, spend time with nature at the Kodai lake, engage in thrilling activities and eat your heart out!

Book your stay at Sterling Kodai Lake right now and experience the most indulgent trip of your lifetime.


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