Best Places In and Near Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National park, the oldest National Park in India, is a go-to destination for all tourists, to watch the royal Bengal tiger in all its splendour. While you are here, you may also be looking forward to hear the majestic roar of the tiger reverberating through the jungle and walk on the same land on which the legendary Jim Corbett once walked. Yes, these are the prime reasons to head out to Jim Corbett, but there are many more things to see and experience in this splendid destination. Here is a list of the best places in and near Jim Corbett.


Garjiya Devi Temple

The Garjiya Devi temple is an enchanting temple that stands in the midst of the waters of the Kosi River and exudes a divine serenity. The sacred idol which is worshipped in this holy place was found in the waters of the river Kosi and a temple was built to honour it. The peaceful environment of the temple makes it a popular tourist destination. Any visit to Corbett would be incomplete without paying obeisance to the Goddess in Garjiya Devi temple.

Corbett Falls

 Corbett Falls

This neat and pristine waterfall situated about 25 kilometers from Ramnagar is a must visit for nature lovers. The water falls is set in the midst of teak wood forests making it a breath-taking sight to watch. The sound of the cascading waters blend harmoniously with the jungle sounds to create a rhapsody that is truly ethereal.

Corbett Museum

This Museum, which once was the winter residence of the legendary Jim Corbett, is a must visit for history and wildlife lovers. It is situated 30 kilometers from Ramnagar and houses a collection of the personal artifacts of Jim Corbett, who wrote “The Man Eaters of Kumaon”. This legendary hunter and naturalist played an instrumental role in setting up India’s first National Park.

Sitabani Temple

This temple dedicated to Sita stands in the midst of Jim Corbett National Park. Legend has it that Sita stayed here before her Agnipariksha, when she was banished to the forests by Lord Rama. The temple lies deep in the jungle and the ride itself a great opportunity get close to nature.

Jungle Safari

 Jungle Safari


The main purpose of getting to Jim Corbett National Park is to get close to wildlife and enjoy viewing them in their natural environs. A jeep ride in the jungle is a thrilling way to get up close to nature and get a safe view of the animals, flourishing in their natural environment.



Dhikala is one of the most scenic and popular spots within the Jim Corbett National Park with a spectacular and panoramic view of the valley. A drive to Dhikala is sure to result in thrilling sightings of tigers and other wild animals. There is an old forest rest house in Dhikala which is over a hundred years old and was built by the British. A reservoir in the vicinity makes Dhikala an enchanting place to visit and take back wonderful memories of the wild.


Sometimes, we need to take welcome breaks from a busy life to step back and cherish nature at its best. The call of the wild is irresistible. These amazing places that dot the Jim Corbett National Park are real treasures that need to be experienced to be believed. When you hear the roar of the Royal Bengal tiger, it is probably time to pack your bags and head out to Jim Corbett. In the midst of the lush jungles and by the side of a sparking river, meandering blissfully, stands the Corbett Treetop Riverview waiting to host you on your wildlife adventures.


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