India’s Winter Menu – 6 Must-Try Dishes This Winter!

Chilly winds, cozy sweaters and icy feet call for wholesome, heart-warming meals. From ghee-laden parathas to thick-syrupy jalebis, winters give you every reason to fall back on the couch and hoard up on lip-smacking delicacies.

So, go ahead, brew a cup of hot coffee or add extra masala to your chai as we list down soul-warming foods from different parts of India that you NEED to try this winter.

Tease your palate with the smooth, buttery goodness of Malai Makkhan

The treat!
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Your calorie counter will have to take a chill-pill as you dig into this light, frothy dessert churned with milk, khoya, saffron and dried fruits. The result?

An airy, sweet, fluffy dessert that melts in your mouth in no time.

Your love interest in Malai Makkhan will deepen after you explore the painstaking effort that goes into creating this heavenly goodness. This cloud-like Makkhan Malai is formed through an elaborate process that starts with a flowing, rhythmic movement that churns Makkhan out of the Malai.

For a burst of flavour – sugar, cardamom and yellow food colouring is added to the concoction. The final step involves letting the mixture sit overnight and so that all the ingredients can fuse in to bring out that perfect flavour. Finally, at the break of dawn, the dessert is set out in the morning dew to give it that extra flavour.

Fun fact – What makes this the “perfect winter dish” is the fact that the main ingredient of this dish is the winter morning dew.

Malai Makkhan holds a mysterious connection with the winter season as it is available only in the winters.

Let your taste buds do the Bhangra with Sarson ka Saag

The famous Punjabi delicacy!

Is it just us or the mention of Sarson ka Saag rings a bell of Punjab in your mind too?

This flavourful dish is so typical of the North Indian culture that you can’t help connect to them both.

This smooth, creamy dish is prepared with green Sarson leaves that are seasonally available only in the winters. What makes this veggie so special is the side dishes it is served with.

Traditionally, Sarson ka Saag is served with ghee-oozing, hot Makke Ki Roti, a dollop of fresh homemade white butter and cold spiced buttermilk. You’ll find this dish seasonally in restaurants that serve traditional Punjabi food.

Satisfying tip – Pair this heavenly combination with green chilly and slices of onions for extra spiciness and flavour.

Green, glorious and gratifying, there is nothing quite like a mouthful of warm Saag soothing your soul.

Inhale in the warm scent of Teliya Mah

Teliya Mah
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Himachal is prone to stark, chilly winds and a combination of dal, mutton and rice is exactly what you need to keep warm and cozy.

A no-frills dish, Teliyah Mah is made of boiled lentils and tempered with ginger, garlic and onion. It is paired with Khatti Meat which is a flavourful mixture of mutton doused in dry mango powder.

Quick trivia – The simple black lentils get their uniqueness at the very end after drizzling a spoonful of raw mustard oil.

The wholesomeness of boiled dal, flavourful rice, pahadi palak and lip-smacking mutton will be the most amazing meal you’ll try this winter.

Swirl your tongue around the thick, syrupy Jalebi

The Syrupy Treat!

Winter is incomplete without bravely indulging in a sinful dessert and what’s better than a handmade, criss-cross web of sweetness.

Did you know – Jalebi was introduced to India by Persian-speaking Turkic invaders.

Jalebi packs the perfect combination of being crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside taking your taste buds on a sweet, roller coaster ride. It is thankfully served in every sweet shop during winters.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab hot, luscious jalebis at Delhi and beat the winter chills. And oh yeah, licking your fingers at the end is completely acceptable.

Best part? You don’t need a perfect time to eat Jalebis. Jalebi is an anytime eat. A midnight snack, a fresh and hot chai moment or even for breakfast.

Pop some piping hot, cushiony bhature

Hot and Spicy!

Walk around the busy streets of North India in winters and you’ll find an array of roadside vendors dolling out steaming hot bhatures straight from a huge kadai of sizzling oil. These soft, fluffy bhatures are served thick, spicy chole gravy, sliced onions and a generous serving of chutney.

*Spoiler alert-Our mouths are already watering.*

This winter, book your stay at Sterling Agra to relish a heavenly plate of pillowy bhature and masaledar chole in their most authentic style.

Cuddle in with a nourishing bowl of Thukpa

Noodle Thukpa!

Thukpa spells comfort in every drop. Don’t wait for another winter to roll on until you try this wholesome bowl of comfort.

A perfect Indo-Tibetan treat, Thukpa is created from handmade noodles, minced mutton and greens for flavouring. Thukpa was brought to India by migrating Tibetans and is now popular all over the subcontinent.

Thukpa is most popular in colder regions of India, especially the Northeast, particularly in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Darjeeling in West Bengal. The Monpa community living in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh loves their Thukpa which they have for both lunch and dinner.

Take a chilly trip to Sterling Gangtok and laze around with a bowl of freshly stewed hot Thukpa.

With the onset of Christmas and New Year, winter holidays are the perfect time to travel across the length and breadth of the country to discover amazing food and culture. Choose from a wide range of Sterling Holiday Destinations and relish these soul-stirring winter treats.


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