Sterling Resorts Commences Celebrations for 2020 in Style and Tradition

The New Years’ is just around the corner. Tons of preparations and plans are underway to get everything perfectly right. It is no different at Sterling Resorts! Things have been in high gear for a while for holiday season celebrations. But, is a celebration even a celebration without cake? We thought not!

Dean Koontz, the author, likes to say “Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.” We agreed! So we brought our guests much closer to the celebration this year by bringing them together over a cake mixing ceremony.

A little history here in this very festive season, for all those wondering what cake mixing even means: Cake-mixing is one such tradition that is entirely based around the community getting together. It is a practice dating back to the 17th century Europe, marking the arrival of their harvest season, the nuts and fruits from which are used in the famous plum cake. Cake mixing ceremonies are done as a way to usher in good times, and good luck for the New Year.

Cake mixing is very different from cake baking in that the mixing of the ingredients happens at the beginning of the holiday season, around November itself!

As the chefs looked on and started the festivity, the guests heartily assisted in the ceremony by mixing large quantities of cinnamon, raisin, cashew, walnut, almond, cherries, black currant, dates and figs. All of these then got marinated in various liquors like brandy, rum, whisky, wine, and honey and golden syrup.

It was heart-warming in witnessing strangers come together and leave as friends with fond memories over cake mixing. Even children participated in the ceremony with as much enthusiasm as the adults, with Raja Rex encouraging them on with their culinary discoveries.

Sterling Goa Varca

All in all, it was an amazing cake mixing ceremony for Christmas this time around. Sterling Resorts thanks everyone who has joined us in the celebration and made it a success. For 2020, consider this your invitation!

Sterling Resorts is currently selling celebratory cakes for the holiday season at the following locations: Sterling Ooty – Fern Hill, Sterling Munnar, Sterling Agra, Sterling Bardez, Sterling Kufri, and Sterling Mussorie. The availability and price card can be found below.

Sterling Ooty – Fern Hill:

X-Mas CakePrice (INR)
X-Mas Special Rum and Raisin Cake | 01 Kg1100
X-Mas Special Rum and Raisin Cake | 500 Gms550
Rich Plum Cake | 01 Kg1000
Rich Plum Cake | 250 Gms200

Sterling Munnar:

X-Mas Cake Price (INR)
Rich Plum Cake | 800 Gms 495
Plum Slice100
Plum Muffins75

Sterling Agra:

X-Mas Cake Price (INR) (Exclusive of taxes)
Plum Cake | 500 Gms 450
Plum Cake | 250 Gms 250

Sterling Bardez:

X-Mas Cake Price (INR) (Exclusive of taxes)
Plum Cake | 500 Gms 600
Plum Cake | 250 Gms 350

Sterling Kufri:

X-Mas Cake Price (INR)
Plum Cake | 250 Gms 500

Sterling Mussoorie:

X-Mas Cake Price (INR) (Exclusive of taxes)
Plum Cake | 1 Pound400
Plum Cake | Half Pound250

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